In a criminal case, all parties want to know the truth. California private investigators take on cases fighting for criminal rights to prove their innocence. A private investigator has expertise when handling criminal defense cases. We work with you to give you the best possible outcome so you get out with little-to-no jail time. Even when taken in custody, you should never forget your rights. But if you truly want the best results, hiring a private investigator will be your best bet at getting off good. Here’s why a private investigator will help you win your case.

A Private Investigator has Experience Working with Attorneys

A private investigator achieves accurate results because they work closely with attorneys. Since a PI’s top priority is winning your case, a PI will use their experience and knowledge of the law system to your advantage. A PI also has experience working with attorneys, and we can deliver proof firsthand to those who are responsible for your sentencing.

Private Investigators Can Effectively Find Proof

During an investigation, a PI knows how to look for specific details such as witness statements and other evidence supporting your alibi.

Additional proof a PI will find are police reports, photographs, items found at the crime scene, and any cellular, audio, or written statements.

The PI will also work closely with the defense team and your prosecutor so the PI will have a thorough understanding of your case.

A Private Investigator will Assist You in Court

When you’re on trial, a private investigator will defend your position. It’s difficult for proof to be made in favor of the one who’s being charged, but a private investigator can help prove your innocence.

While you were being held, the PI was busy uncovering proof such as witness accounts. The private investigator will display this proof to the jury so they can declare you to be “not guilty.”

When considering hiring a private investigator, understand that no one will support you as strongly as a private investigator.

Come Out Innocent by Hiring a California Private Investigator

Having a criminal charge is scary, but a private investigator will defend your case. A California private investigator will look thoroughly into your case and will present proof to defend your case in court.

Hiring the experts at Bond Investigation will help clear you of those criminal charges. Use this contact sheet and we’ll be in touch with you.