It’s not easy to know your spouse is having an affair. But would you rather know about their infidelity? Or continue being left in the dark?

If you’re based in California, there is a California PI firm specialized in uncovering the truth behind your partner’s wrongdoings. A private investigator can route your spouse’s traveling, can see who they’re communicating with, and if they’re engaging in any sketchy behavior.

Don’t overlook your partner’s abnormal behavior or brush off any gut feelings. If you believe your spouse is cheating, here are reasons why a private investigator is perfect to uncover the truth.

Private Investigators Know Where to Look

One of the easiest ways a private investigator can find out if your spouse is cheating is through social media and seeing what conversations your spouse is engaging in. In addition to their conversations, a private investigator can see other behavior from your spouse such as liking and commenting on posts and seeing what pages they follow.

Now, a private investigator does have restrictions concerning surveillance. They can’t hack into your partner’s phone to find out if they’re having an affair or not. But social media and other public websites can give a private investigator enough signs, whether they’re having a full-blown affair or if they have a strong wandering eye.

Private Investigators Can Use Electronic Surveillance

One of the most classic methods of surveillance is by tracking the subject on camera. A private investigator can install cameras around your home to see when your partner leaves and if anyone is coming into your home.

A private investigator can also track your partner’s car. PI has professional equipment that can track your spouse’s car at any location.

A Private Investigator Can Follow a Cheating Spouse

Another classic method of surveillance is following the subject, sometimes involving the PI getting into a disguise or hiding while watching the subject. If the PI suspects your spouse is having an affair but doesn’t have concrete proof, they will resort to following your spouse.

California PI Can Uncover the Affair Your Spouse is Hiding

When you call California PI such as Bond Investigations, you know you will be getting the best service in the business. If you suspect your partner is cheating, fill out this form and we will contact you.