Child Support Investigations

Not every parent is willing to pay their fair share to provide for their child. There are times when parents move in an attempt to keep from having to pay to support their child. Private investigator services can help you locate the missing parent so you can notify the court system and collect the money your child is due. If you live in California, Bond Investigations will work hard to locate the absent parent so you can relay as much information as possible to the courts so they can collect support for your child. Local child support offices have thousands of cases just like yours; we will give your case the personal attention it deserves.

The truth is it isn’t the case that your local child support office does not want to help you and get your child the money they deserve, the fact is, they do not have the resources to help you and every other parent searching for absent parents. The do not have the funding or the manpower to help everyone that needs assistance. Bond Investigations can help you gather the information you need to get your child the money they are due from their other parent.

What We Can Do

Our California private investigator services can:

  • Locate the absent parent that has not been paying child support
  • Get the name and address of the absent parent’s current employer
  • Find the necessary information about the absent parent’s assets like cars, trucks, homes, and boats

You need to understand that we are not a collection agency and cannot collect child support on your behalf. Bond Investigations can help you locate an absent parent, their employer, and their financial assets so that you can relay the information to the courts for collection purposes. Once we obtain this information, you will be able to prove to the court that the other parent has the capability to provide for their child through child support payments.

Chasing a parent that does not want to pay child support can be a difficult task. The local child support office does not have the resources or the manpower to do so, but Bond Investigations can provide you with the private investigator services necessary to locate absent parents attempting to avoid paying child support.

Call our office today so we can get started on getting you the information you need to get your child the support they need. We can get you the proof you need to prove your case.
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